What Do You Get With The Verona City Card

It’s your all-in-one comprehensive sightseeing package and will save you time, money and stress, providing you everything you need to discover Verona from free entry, to fast track entry and useful information along the way!

FREE ENTRY to top Verona museums and monuments like the Arena Amphiteatre, Juliet's house and much more

Two pass options available so you get the most from your Verona trip: 24 hour or 48 pass. Lots of attractions and discounts included

FREE unlimited transport including buses and cycle rent. Travel around Verona hassle free and save on transports

FREE Verona guidebook full of useful information, tips and itinerary suggestions for your trip to Verona

FAST TRACK ENTRY to Arena Verona Amphiteatre. Skip the ticket office and save money with Verona City Card.

FOOD or WINE TASTING in a unique location. Taste the robust reds and freshy whites from Verona surroundings

The Verona City Card Saves You Money
You’ll make savings with the Verona Card from the start, as many top attractions are over €5 to enter alone! Our all-inclusive pre-paid pass means you have over 15 top attractions and museums in Verona to visit for free! Here are some of the top attractions and things to do in Verona and their normal ticket price without the Verona City Card:

Arena amphitheatre
Save: € 10,00


Palazzo Ragione
Save: € 8,00


Juliet's House and Balcony
Save: € 6,00


Save: € 6,00


Skyline at Lamberti Tower
Save: € 8,00

How does the Verona City Card work?

The Verona City Card comes in 24 and 48 hours durations to suit all kinds of trips, from single day stop to.

Your Card is activated the first time you visit an attraction and is valid to use for consecutive hours. For example, if you start/started today at 6pm, the card will be valid until 6 pm tomorrow.

The Verona City Card (online price: €35 for 24 hour and €45 for 48 hours ) will you get a whopping €100 worth of attraction entry

When will my Verona City Card expire?

Your pass will automatically expire at the end of your hour duration meaning you will no longer be granted free entry into any more attractions. Your Verona Travelcard includes grants you free, unlimited use of the transport system.

Verona City Card holders can enjoy Fast Track Entry to some of the busiest museums and art galleries including Arena of Verona. Just show your valid Verona Card and jump to the front of the line! The Verona City Card includes a free guidebook with every pass, packed full of useful information and top tips for exploring Verona.

You can visit for free with The Verona City Card!
Arena Amphiteatre
Juliet's House
Skyline View from Lamberti Tower
San Zeno basilica
Castelvecchio Castle & Museum
Juliet Tomb
S. Anastasia Church
Roman Theatre
Maffeian Lapidary Museum
Modern Art Gallery at Ragione Palace