Verona’s frame: ‘le Torricelle’


✔️ Authentic walk on the hills
✔️ Breathtaking views of the city
✔️ Understand the true layers of history in Verona



Romans, Longobards and Austro-Hungarians on Verona’s hills the ‘Torricelle’.

This is an authentic walk on the hills that frame the old town, between middle-age sites, Austro-Hungarian fortification and some of the most picturesque parks that Verona can offer. Of course, do expect some uphill walk and uneven ground.
The gathering point is in ‘Piazza Isolo’ (square), from here it is only a short distance to reach the church of ‘San Giovanni In Valle’, one of the most ancient church in Verona (simply drenched in history). We’ll then proceed uphill to arrive to ‘Fontana del Ferro’, a water spring which was also the site for pagan rituals in roman times. From here we can access to that green area that follows a section of defensive fortification, first built in Venetian times then updated during Austro-Hungarian rule. Afterward we will arrive to the ruins of ‘Theodoric’s Castle’, which according to the latest archeological findings did not actually belong to King Theodoric, yet it remains a picturesque park and a prime panoramic spot. After having admired the panorama we will descend by the Roman Theater to reach the river next to Ponte Pietra (bridge). From here it is only about 300mt to get back to our starting point.

  • Availability: saturdays and sundays at 11am or 4pm
  • Duration: saturdays and sundays at 11am or 4pm
  • Meeting point: Piazza del Plebiscito, we can arrange pick up in the city upon request
  • Languages: English, Spanish and Italian
  • Suitable for: Couples, families and kids