Best day trips from Verona 2018

Green vineyards on gentle hills, castles from the Middle Age, a huge lake and many mountain peaks are located at less than 40 minutes drive/public transport.
Discover 20+ day trips from Verona for every bucket or time available. List made by Carlo, our local guide (Updated in July 2018)!

Lake Garda

lake garda verona

Shaped by a long glacier discending from the Alps, Lake Garda features clean water for swimming, beautiful beaches with stone pebbles and large rocks and many little towns along its shores. In the south part, visit the unique harbour gem of Peschiera del Garda where Middle aged walls were erected to create a solid and heavy harbour. You can get here by train too from Verona Porta Nuova train station.

Less than 10 minutes up by car, it's the drive to Castelnuovo del Garda, where to visite the Gardaland amusement park. Ride roller coasters taking breathtaking views on the skyline, visit the trippy house of Prezzemolo, the official mascotte and jump on a Pirate boat.

For more romantic and historic atmosphere, go up north in the town Lazise, with its castle, little street with ice cream shops and the tiny port of Bardolino. , house of a local wine so called.

On the way up to the north side of Lake Garda, Bardolino is a village that has given its name for a famous local white wine. It's available also sparkling.

Moving up north, water become transparent and best for swimming. Punta San Vigilio offers the best beach, just off  Garda town centre. It has been visited even by Winston Churchill. There are two beaches available and free spots too. You must buy parking or you get fined (around 1-2 euro per hour). 

If time is not a problem, visit Malcesine with its dark stone peak that hosts a castel ruin and Riva del Garda. Here you will get an unique prospective to see the Lake. 

Time to get there from Verona: Bus (from 1 hour to 3 hours), Train (20 minutes)
How to get there: Take a train or bus from Verona bus station

Molina Waterfalls

molina waterfalls verona

For those nature and adventure lovers get to Molina Waterfalls. Immersed in a greenish wood, water flows on large rocks and a lush vegetation offers a fresh humidity to its guests.

Time to get there from Verona: 40 minutes by bus
How to get there: Take the bus from Verona bus station

Castello di Soave

soave castle Verona

Going toward Venice, Soave is famous for two aspects: 1. the castle on the hill 2. the fruity white wine called "Soave". It's a great way to get some calm and go away from tourist crowd. Be ready to walk up to the hill for 10 minutes and see the view on the city with its high brick wall. A great remain from the Middle Age now hosting a small exhibition. On the way down stop for an aperitivo o to buy wine a Pieropan, an award winning local winery.

Time to get there from Verona: 20 minutes by train, 40 by bus
How to get there: Take the train or bus from Verona bus station


zyme winery valpolicella verona

Despite being the wine production place of Verona, it doesn't offer the beauty of other areas. For those wine lovers that are looking for unique experience, visit one of the following wineries: Cantina Bertani, the inventor of robust red Valpolicella Ripasso, Zyme, creator of its own blend of grapes, Aldegheri and Farina.

Time to get there from Verona: 20 minutes by bus
How to get there: Take the bus from the train station

Valle delle Sfingi

valle sfingi verona

Get a flavour of the Alps getting to this valley with incredible giant stones called "Sphynx". Take a stroll around cows, large fields and woods. It's located north of Verona. 

Time to get there from Verona: 1 hours by bus, 40 minutes by car
How to get there: Take the bus from Verona bus station

Sanctuary Madonna della Corona

madonna corona verona

Imagine someone building a church on a climbing trail. The building is actually laying on the rock of the mountain. Pass through a tunnel inside the rock or take a 2 hour hike from Bretino, a village located 600 meters below to reach the sancturary of Madonna della Corona. Maybe the only place that looks like a Nepal monastery in Catholic fashion. 

Time to get there from Verona: 2 hours by bus, 45 minutes by car
How to get there: By bus from Verona train station, stop in Bretino to take the hike or stop above in Ferrare del monte Baldo for a 15 minute gentle walk


movieland verona

The amusement park dedicated to cinema lovers. Something like Los Angeles studios, great for kids between 10 to 18 years old.

Time to get there from Verona:  30 minutes by car, 50 minutes by bus from Verona or take the train to Peschiera del Garden and the shuttle
How to get there: Take bus or train from the train station

Borghetto and Valeggio sul Mincio

borghetto verona

These two little towns are located southern than the Lake Garde. The locals have been living along the waters of river Mincio and have built mills near their houses. Ducks, white, red and violet flowers are all over the places. Take advantage of places to eat some delicious food. Don't forget to eat tortellini if you go to Valeggio.  

Time to get there from Verona:  2 hours by bus,  50 min drive 
How to get there: Take the bus from Verona train station

Thermal baths

colà lazise thermal baths verona

Between the city center and the Lake Garda, there are 2 thermal baths for every kind of taste. Colà di Lazise is a villa resort, featuring thermal grotto and large garden. Acquardens is a younger alternative for having fun, meeting people and getting the benefit of healthy thermal waters.

Time to get there from Verona: Bus 
How to get there: Take 


It's a unique Renaissance round building looking like a small temple just outside te residential area. Get there for a walk. On the back you can touch water of River Adige and see the trouts.

Time to get there from Verona: 15 min by bus, 10 minutes by car 
How to get there: Take a bus from Piazza Bra Arena

Borough of Avesa

Stop at the Lion fountain and walk in the streets on the right or up to the hills. This is a historic borough with old villas, little canals, remains from ancient open air laundrette and the typical bars.

Time to get there from Verona:  10 minutes by bus, 5 minutes by car
How to get there: Take the bus from Castelvecchio direction to Ospedale


Vineyard, castles and villas built 200 years ago makes this little village a nice half day trip out of Verona. Take a stroll around the rivers and a hike on the hill to see the Castle of Montorio and the nearby Austrian fort.

Time to get there from Verona: 20 minutes by bus or car 
How to get there: Take the bus from Arena Piazza Bra Direction Montorio


  • A swim in Punta San Vigilio in the lake of Garda
  • A visit around Soave castle and the vineyards nearby
  • If you don't have much time, visit Montorio and its castle or Avesa
  • Get to Monte Baldo with the cableway and see the lake from the top of the mountain.
  • Walk around Borghetto
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